Dear Athletes and Parents,

Listed below are major policy statements that the coaching staff offers for your information:

1.  Athletic Eligibility and Requirements- Athletics of Esperanza High School give students a chance to participate in interscholastic competition.  Every male and female student is urged to compete in the sports of his/her choice.  The following are standards of citizenship and academics set by the school and the California Interscholastic Federation:

 1)  Must maintain a "C" average.

2)  Demonstrate and maintain satisfactory citizenship without any school debt or truancies.

3)  Have a current complete physical examination on file.

4)  Verify individual personal insurance or purchase school insurance from the student body finance secretary.

5)  Purchase a student body card.

6)  Meet approved school board policy requirements.

2.  All injuries, no matter how minor they may appear, will be reported to the coaching staff.

3.  Should an athlete be injured/ill and unable to participate in workouts/competitions for three (3) or more consecutive days, parent contact will be initiated by the athlete's parent(s) and the coaching staff to map out a strategy for the student's rehabilitation/wellness.

4.  Should a physician exclude an athlete from participation in workouts/competitions, said exclusion must be in writing.  Further, the athlete will be allowed to return to workouts/competitions only after the head coach receives a written release from the attending physician.

5.  Should an injury/illness require a long-term rehabilitation/wellness, the student may be transferred into a more appropriate physical education class.

6.  Team members are expected to participate in all practices/competitions as prescribed by the coaching staff. If an athlete cannot participate, due to injury/illness, in a given meet she/he is still required to attend and assist their teammates and coaches staff.

7.  A truant athlete may be dismissed from the team.  Truancies are deemed unacceptable and potentially dangerous to the athlete and will not be tolerated.

8.  Practices missed (excused absences) ought to be made up as prescribed by the coaching staff. Any competition missed not pre-approved by the coaching staff will result in the lowering of the athletes grade by one full letter grade. For those athletes involved in soccer programs, a schedule of games must be turned into the Head Coach before the season begins to review and avoid scheduling conflicts. Athletes involved in any other activites will provide the coaching staff with a schedule of events or conflicts.

9.  Academic grades will be based on the successful completion of practices, competitions and paperwork. Missed competitions due to an injury could constitute an absence, if deemed by the Head Coach.

4 absences or less = A
6 absences or less = B
*8 absences or less = C
10 absences or less = D
11 or more = F

            * Frequent absences could be grounds for dismissal from the team.

10.  Misbehavior, disrespecting of the coaching staff, cutting of runs, and unsafe running and road habits will be grounds for dismissal from the team immediately. Athletes are discouraged from posting negative comments on social media and the athlete may be removed from the team if social media is used inappropriately. Citizenship marks will be determined by the athlete's attitude exhibited during the workouts/competitions.

11. For their safety and team wellness, all athletes are required to ride the bus to and from all competitions.

12. For the safety of the athletes cell phones are not allowed. (If deemed necessary by the coaching staff an athlete may wear a cell phone, but it must be kept in the off position)

13. The coaching staff will decide which sub-team the individual athlete will run on for any given race.

14.  Varsity Lettering
In order to letter varsity, you must run in at least one varsity race AND score at least seven (7) points.  Points are earned in the following manner:

a)  One point is earned for finishing in our top 7 runners (based on time) for any meet in which varsity competition is contested.  This may include any Junior Varsity or Frosh/Soph runner whose time is within our top 7 runners for the particular competition.

b)  For league meets, you may earn a point by having a time better the other teams number 5 runner.  This 5th runners time could come from any division JV, Frosh/Soph or Varsity.

c)  3 points are possible in the League Finals meet.  One point is earned for each team that we compete against in League Finals.  The same scoring procedure as in "b" above.

d)  Points may be earned in an Invitational (If our Varsity team competes in the meet)  or in the CIF Prelims and Finals by having a top 7 time on our team.

e) An athlete may also earn a varsity letter at the coaches discretion. Athletes who run for four years and meet a time standard may earn a varsity letter.

            I have read and agree to comply the major polices stated above.



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                                                                        Rich Medellin, Head Coach

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